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Syd Adler
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About Me I AM A BELIBER!!! I BELIEVE!!! <33333
Syd Adler
Justin Bieber
566 days ago

dear ellen, i am a huge fan of justin bieber. He is my idol and inspiration in life. and during new years eve performance i started to cry because he is how i got to where i am in life. my whole room is covered in his pictures and i am getting a new cardboard cutout of him. Also, i have seen his movie never say never about 25 times and once i saw it 5 times in one day. i haven't gotten any tickets because my family doesn't have that kind of money but leterally I would seriously do ANYTHING for them. i have loved justin bieber ever since Baby came out. on my ipod i have 350 pictures of just Justin.... and i have a secret place in my room where i put all my pictures of him. Besides being a BELIEBER i am also a huge fan of you!! you are so energetic and funny and omg i love you so much!! i know your birthday is coming up so heres an early birthday wish! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! :) hopefully next time justin bieber is on your show and you have tickets for his tour... i would really pray that i will be included in it for the first time!!!!!