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Sweden Aspinall
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Hobbies Listenig to music, playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, reading, eating, dancing and having fun;D
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Sweden Aspinall
See One Direction on Ellen!
630 days ago

Hey Ellen:D
I am a huge fan of your show! I watch it all the time and every time I miss an episode I watch it online. Me and my sister both love your show and love seeing you scare your guests and pulling pranks. You make this world a better place. I am 18 and my sister is 19. We are both HUGE fans of one direction and we would love a couple of tickets. We dont have much money so we dont really get to go to concerts and things but I dont mind. Im from New Zealand and the last time I would love to come to your show. Its not a very big country but I love it. I know that my chances arent that great and I doubt you would even read this. However I believe in taking chances. haha'. The thing is I would be unable to come to show and watch one direction as I am currently in my last year of high school and so this month I have exams. But my sister could make it as she has finished school for this year. She has just finished her first year in university and she deserves these tickets. She is the best sister in the world and has given me so much and I would really appreciate it if I could do this one thing for her. Although we both LOOOOOOVE one direction she deserves it more. I wish we could both come to your show and watch them. Please let me give something back to the most deserving, best big sister ever. Seeinf one direction on your show with you there is like a two for one deal. It would just be AMAZEBALLS! If you read this, thank you! If you cant send tickets then still thank you! Thank you for what you do and giving me hope. You are a true inspiration and I hope one day I make it to at least one of your shows. All the best(: xo