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Suzi SweetCheeks Marklowitz
Name Suzi SweetCheeks Marklowitz
Location Richmond, Minnesota
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Hobbies Watching Ellen on a daily basis, motorcycle riding, playing bingo, fishing, playing in the waves in the nice, refreshing Ocean waters. I like to make quilts, and experiment designing some of my own clothes.
About Me Fun, loving, caring, sense of humor kinda city girl that is trying to get made into a small time Country Hicksville redneck homemaking no fun life is over lil Miss Suzi homemaker. I may not be young, but its just not time for this lil Miss Suzi to grow up yet!!! Watching Ellen makes me feel young & alive, and for that I thank you Ellen
Suzi SweetCheeks Marklowitz
In Your Facebook: What's Obama's Last Name?
247 days ago

I would say Barack Obama Ali?!?!?!