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Ellen's Got Valentine's Day Solutions
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Hello Ellen---
I am a mother of four and a working mom. I have a duaghter that is graduating this year from high school and her and her 2 best friends talk about you and your show all the time---and I mean ALLLLLLL the time. They are high school athlete's and are very busy with that and with their studies (all good students) My question is they would love to come to a show but we live in a small town in OHIO. Do you ever do a show that would be closer to OHIO? And if so, could I get them tickets to this? If they knew I was sending this ---they would just die. One of my daughters friends that i am talking about is our high schools exchange student from Slovacia---We love her to death and will miss her very much when she has to return home---which will be in July of 2014---Please make my daughter and her two best friends dreams come true to come and see you!!!!! Take care Suzi McCullough