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Susanne Chownyk
Name Susanne Chownyk
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About Me I'm a mom an grandma. I have 2 wonderful children and 2 beautiful grand babies. I work for the school district driving a school bus for special ed.children. It's a very fulfilling job an shows you how thankful u r for what God gave me. All of my little students are all deaf and may have other disabilities . Love to travel and spend time with my family.
Susanne Chownyk
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240 days ago

HI ELLEN, My name is Susanne and I know people always ask to come to your special shows, but I would really like to do something special for my beautiful daughter, she has been going through nursing school for ten yrs. and has now received her RN license. All the while she has been working for a small boy now for about 3yrs, doing home health care for him. He was 18 mos. when she first had him for her 1st case. Skyler is a backyard tragedy ,drowning victim. Jenny, my daughter,just loves her job, she has a wonderful family she works for. Skyler has made a lot of progress, he now has started attending a special school, and Jenny goes everyday with him. He knows when she walks in the room, a has the biggest smile on his precious little face. Ellen, her birthday is on Dec. 15th. Her and I have always wanted to attend your show during the holidays. As for myself, I drive a school bus for my special education babies...thank you Ellen, I hope that you can make this happen for us....God bless you.