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Susana Gonzalez
Name Susana Gonzalez
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About Me I'm a mexican woman, I live in Mexico and I love it :D. I like: movies, read, write and paint... im not a pro, but I like to express my feelings writing or painting. LOOOOVE music...and mmm what else...? Well I think I'm a happy person ;) ahh! and I hate to describe myself LOL
Susana Gonzalez
Hugh Jackman, James Ward, DJ Nolan Gould
238 days ago

Hi Ellen, every time I have the chance I watch ur show and I'm your super fan!! I live in Mexico and u r program is my favorite in the world!!! really!!

I truly belive u r an awesome woman with a great heart, just want to let u know how much I admire u, not only for the show itself but also for the smile u draw on people's faces.

Sincerely yours,