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Susan Wood
Name Susan Wood
Location oceanside, ca
Age 71
Joined 549 days ago
Hobbies watercolor artist..... interior design .
About Me I am a 70 year old woman that loves your happy show and I'm trying to get you my Grandson's video'' youtube.. harrymoe13
Susan Wood
Ellen Explains Her New eleveneleven Record Label
549 days ago

Hi Ellen, I've been trying to send you a video of my Grandson.... He has been posting on youtube for over 4 years and has around 60 covers and originals but I can't figure out how to send you his "Door to Door" video or any of the others... So maybe you could have a look... It's under harrymoe13 on youtube.... Thanks Ellen... Your show is the only one that my 90 year old Mom watches because it makes her feel good even if she doesn't know all those "New Stars" you have on. Love you too. By the way my sister passed away 15 years ago but her special number was 1111 and at least once and sometimes twice a day I look up at the clock and see 1111. It's my little reminder to say hello to her, she was a very spiritual person, you and your humor also reminds me of her. Thank you for your time Susan