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susan wells
Name susan wells
Location canton , ohio
Joined 602 days ago
Hobbies poetry writing, jewelery making,Camping,walking, cooking,
About Me I am a retired Home health aide as of 2002 Now I write Poems and make Necklaces and give them away, never charged any one, for them,My poetry I write from my heart No book Taught me any thing it comes Naturally,
susan wells
Win Tickets to Ellen's Birthday Show!
185 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U HAPPY Birthday To U , Happy Birthday Dear Ellen, Happy Birthday to U, Hope you have an Awesome Day filled with Love and Joy too, Hope your Momma, is In town for Your Birthday, Make some Great Memories, to keep and share , Hugs from across the USA, Your fan, Sue, from Ohio,

susan wells
Worried About Gifts This Season?
325 days ago

Hi Ellen, This is Susan, from Ohio , How are U ? I wanted to let you know since the last time I written to you my apt on the out side was shot up by 2 Thugs , This Happened 8/6/2013 around 10;15pm, They shot at the wrong House, there are 12 bullet holes in the front of the Apt and 10 in the hall way that leads to my Living room I was up all night for 24 hours was afraid to sleep, Yesterday I did a good thing , I swept out the closet and found a bullet, and the Detective came in to get it, Hope,they will find out who they was , Its scary , to live alone,I like my apt and Leaving it I just don't want to do, I have nice Land lords, that came here yesterday and added better security for me, They added more lights for the out side, too, I am very lucky to know I didn't get killed I was on the floor in a matter of seconds and The police was here with in 5 min,a friend called 911 # for me, he lives in the apt up stairs and he was doing Laundry here, So I wanted to let u Know its been a rough 2013 # I am so glad I am still alive, I know God sent me some Angels Friday night, Because non of the bullets came thew my living room there in the Hall ways,embedded in the walls, I have pics if U Would like to see,? just let me Know where to send them, from my pc, and cell phone too, Take care out there and God bless, Susan wells,

susan wells
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
423 days ago

Hi ELLEN I would love to come there to California and be 1 of the 12 days of Christmas I was born on Dec 15th, That would be a great gift for me,Plus I would share the Gifts with my sister Nancy and her son Jeff he has 2 babies 1 is 4 and the other is 3 months old Jeff is 21 right now, works on cars, and is a Mechanic, too, I wanted a Birthday Party because this Year I will be Double Nickle 55# I can't afford to do it, I am on disability , I have health problems, But I try to do for Others Had to retire from 22 yrs of Health care services in body couldn't take any more,well I will say This for sure I am not slowing down, I keep pushing my self to do more, Well sweet lady I will let you know I love your Show, watch as much as I can, Take care God Bless, Susan,

susan wells
Check In to Viggle!
437 days ago

Hi ,Ellen, I hope you have had a safe and awesome weekend, Its me again, Susan from Canton Ohio, I am still in need of money to get my poetry, published I have to many put away, Just some one would give me a chance in the world to publish my stuff, My Poems are from My HEART, not a fly by night thing I have been writing things since 2008, I never knew I had it in me, But I guess we never knew what We can do Unless we try, I am on disability, a whole $730 PER MO,w
aget by the best way I can, I found out In April 2013 My Dr told me my right lung was effected by my Scoliosis,was suppose to get a check x,rays but scared out of my mind to do so. I am afraid, to find out what is going on, I had numerous tests done, in the past yr that its made me this way, OH Ellen There I go again, telling you my problems Well Please take care and God bless you In all the work you do, Take care Your fan Susan ,sending U hugs,

susan wells
Ellen Congratulates Gwyneth Paltrow with Strippers
458 days ago

Its Awesome to do this for her, Not many people get to see Strippers, I use to see the ChippenDales But that was in the late 90s when they was Traveling, through Ohio, I would be as Shocked as,Gwyneth to It was some thing to see these too,But that was the good Old days I am not sure if they still travel I sure would enjoy my time seeing them again , I know I lost a Job over seeing them Years ago , But to me it was worth it,Seeing those hunks, was Yummy, lol well I seen what you did for Gwyneth and just had to tell U my true story too, God bless Hugs , Susan,

susan wells
Message from Ellen
514 days ago

I wish u a safe trip to and from Down Under, You have more guts then me, I only been on an Air plane in 2010 My sister , and her son and G/F and I went to Vegas for 4 days, it was my 1st air plane ride ever,So I wish U the Best on your up coming trip I am patiently waiting on my new Great Nephew to be Born around St Patrick's Day is the day he will be here but That s up to him, his chosen name is Bryson, Miles,that's his name that my nephew and his Gf Kaitlin chosen for him, I am so excited too well Helen be safe there and God Bless you and all the love you show to those in the World, Susan

susan wells
Message from Ellen
569 days ago

Hi,Ellen Hope your new year 2013 will bring much Happiness in your life, and bring much enjoyment too,May God send Angels to watch Over U, Please take care Ellen, and Thank You for all that U do This IS mY new years wish for U, You give from your Heart each and Every day, You show other s that U care and That's why U made it , Please Don't change the way You are Ellen, You are just as loving and caring , as any one can be, I seen it in You, when I watch You On TV, Have a Happy and safe 2013 # your fan, for life Susan,

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