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Susan Stockler
Name Susan Stockler
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Hobbies walking, playing cornhole/hillbilly golf, watching Ellen
About Me I am a twice divorced 46 year old mother of two daughters (Shay 22 & Emily 20). I have been unemployed for a year now due to a herniated disc in my back. I am living with my oldest sister & her husband (Deb & Frank Collins) due to no income and back issues. Deb & Frank are active in our church (Forest Park UMC) with Frank playing drums in the praise & worship group. They are selfless when it comes to helping someone out! I want to nominate my sister and/or brother-in-law for their selfless acts that they do! If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I would be right now. They have a daughter who is now married to an Aussie. I would love to see them get a trip to Perth, Australia as a surprise to her daughter! I love watching The Ellen Show every day, it gives me such joy to see her helping so many people and giving them hope for their future!!
Susan Stockler
It's Almost Mother's Day
463 days ago

Let me start by saying I love The Ellen Show! Ellen you are the most amazing woman I know! I have a sister and brother-in-law who are the most selfless people I know. They have taken me in and helped me alot! I would love for them to be surprised by you! They have a daughter (one of twins) that met her now husband on a computer game (World of Warcraft). He is an Aussie and she is now living over there in Perth, Australia. My sister and brother-in-law skype with her every weekend, but I know they miss her and would love to see her again. My request is if you can make it happen for them? I am using her computer but I have a private email so she would not know! I hope this reaches you and we can work on something to happen for them! I love all that you are Ellen!!!