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you are amazing,, to everyone even my grandkids love your show gotta make this quick b4 my daughter sees this.. Amber 27yrs old works 2 jobs and so does her husband Jared,, to take care of mt 5yr old grandson Jordan and my grandaughter Mia 3yrs old.. OK both of the work 2 jobs so my mom the babies greatgrandma takes Jordan to preschool and watches her great grandaughter till I get off work and take over.. my daughter and her husband are on one car.. I offered mine I can do metro.. but my car is ready for the pasture.. Ellen.. life has been a challenge for all my 51yrs but I have hope.. my son Josh is in his 2nd year at Northern Arizona University... so proud of my kids and grandkids...if you chose to help me.. I will pay you back for a safe ride for my grandbabies... and if you would think about it.. my TV died 3 days after we won the superbowl... If you think about this.. I swear I will pay you back... I grew up Jewish and would never but desperate for a car for my babies... Can't believe I did this... I watch everyday cuz u make me laugh out loud which doesn't happen ever..... Thank you for listening Sorry for bothering you...