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Susan Moses
Name Susan Moses
Location atkinson, NH
Age 52
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Hobbies I watch TV and take care of and Love our disabled so that all I'm about for now!!
About Me I am 51. Been married to Joe for 20 years!! Have beautiful daughter Marissa (17) and yes I am happy and sad that this coming school year will be her last (before college).She will be 18 in November and she is the best daughter I could have ever asked for <3 We have 5 loving pets..Norbit (dog) Reeces (bunny) Minnie (our oldest cat) Jazzy (our middle cat) and Sammie (our youngest and Biggest cat who thinks he is a dog and is best frinds with Norbit :) We live in a small town in NH and we are very Happy....
Susan Moses
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215 days ago

Hey Ellen :) Great show today (so far). It's not even over yet!! Really fun to see Katy and John together.. Nice to see how 'celebrities' interact as regular humans..Fun, funny and in Love!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Yours! <3

Susan Moses
Garth's Show in Las Vegas
234 days ago

I Love Garth Brooks ( Love You Too Ellen :). He a great singer, songwriter and performer!! His show in Vegas was really fun. It was a 'different' type of performance and it was just awesome. I wish we could get BRUCE to do something like that. What a story/performance that would be..Need a bit more singing too though :) When is Bruce coming on you show???? I'll keep watching. You are so fun and so kind <3