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Susan Mary Cook
Name Susan Mary Cook
Location Hornell, NY
Age 59
Joined 602 days ago
Hobbies computer, Taking care of my Chihuahua and teaching her tricks,enjoying my 2 Sons and Grandchildren.
About Me I am a retired nurse and Substitute teacher. I love keeping my Chihuahua happy and feeling safe. I am hoping and Praying that God will calm this world and unite all cultures in Peace and Harmony without any more casualties to people,animals,etc. I also Pray that Mother Nature will stop all her catastrophic actions and make the Planet safer to live by filling our hearts with only love for 1 another!!! I Love to watch your show too Ellen and always have!!! That's my only time by myself that I really get to laugh. Thank you for being in my life, because you do make a huge difference in taking my mind off all the calamity going on around us!!! Way more than ever before. Merry X-Mas to you and Portia and all your staff!!!
Susan Mary Cook
Zac Efron, and Ellen's Birthday Show
184 days ago

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you Ellen!!! My eldest sister was born on this date too. Hope you had a most wonderful Birthday with many, many , many more to come!! You light up my life with your show and have for many years. Take care and God Bless... Your friend,


Susan Mary Cook
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
593 days ago

I have been living alone for many years. Your show M-F lifts me up, so I don't feel so down. Thanks for the many years of laughs, kindness and generosity you've given to so many. Plus your inborn talents that come to light on every show. For that 1 hour, you take all my worries away and make me laugh and dance. God Bless you all. Merry Christmas and have a very happy New Year!!!