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Hobbies reading, quilting, volunteer work and of course watching Ellen!
About Me I am a mother of 4 and have 2 grandchildren, i am a military wive and a Nurse.
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
230 days ago

I would like to tell you about one of your biggest fans, my son Patrick. Patrick is 18 years old and has the biggest heart of gold you would ever meet, he has been volunteering for relay for life for years after my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago (he went to all her doctors appointments with her and help take care of her after her double mastectomy), he is now forming his own team. He is getting ready to go off to college next year then medical school to specialize in pediatric oncology, he wrote to you about your Mother's day show trying to get his two pregnant sisters prizes you were giving away (which they would have desperately needed), ever since he was 6 years old he has helped to volunteer at nursing homes and anywhere he could possibly be needed. He was just selected (from the entire state of NC) to attend a Future Health Care Professionals conference in Washington D.C and he told me that because it was so expensive for him to go that he did not want anything for Christmas (can you believe a 18 year old would say that!),even though he has been selling alot of his stuff to try and raise money to help pay for the trip, Patrick is a high honors student and has always been, even with all the Volunteering he does! He participates in a project our local Coast Guard Chief's club (his dad is active duty) we do every year called Dear Santa where foster children write letters to Santa and we purchase everything on their list wrap the gifts and deliver them, he has even been known to use his own money to make sure every single wish is delivered.
Patrick records your show every day and sometimes even watches them twice because he thinks you are the funniest and most caring person on T.V. his dream is to meet you sometime and I would absolutely love for that to come true for him, he is always telling people about what he saw on your show and how amazing you are. I would like to think that seeing your daily acts of kindness keeps him in the spirit of helping others!
Please Keep up your generosity and caring because whether you know it or not you make a huge impression on people and I thank you for that, the world needs more people like you and my son in it!!
P.S I bought Patrick a pair of Ellen Underwear for his stocking this year and I know this will be his most favorite Christmas gift this year! LOL
Susan Martin Hertford, NC Patrick's email is