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Susan M. Monk
Name Susan M. Monk
Joined 291 days ago
Hobbies love TV - Love the Ellen show, reading, scrapbooking
About Me nothing too special - love life - don't look my age and trying to keep my head above water. Love my church. musicals - was in many musicals in our community theatre in 60s ans 70s.
Susan M. Monk
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
232 days ago

I just turned 70 last month and live on very little Social Security. I would love to win something in my life. I would be happy to win just one thing. I don't have lots of money to give my family presents and something would help. I love your show and watch you every day. Thank you

Susan M. Monk
Welcome to Classic Joke Wednesday
291 days ago

This is a one-liner - then just sit and wait to see how many DON'T get it - it is more fun watching them as they get it than the joke sometimes.
"Did you hear about the skeleton who went into a bar and ordered a beer and a mop."

hope this gets to you - is there any way I can find out if and when she might use this? it really is fun watching people who don't get it and then realize it - lots of laughs
Susan M. Monk - thank you

Susan M. Monk
Classic Joke Wednesday -- Live!
291 days ago

I would like to submit a joke for Classic Joke Wednesday - how do I do this - thank you - Susan Monk