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Susan Leach
Name Susan Leach
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Hobbies crafts- drawing- cooking
About Me Lucky mom of 3 grown children. Bryan our son is living at home with us now he is 20 going to college.I have wonderful grandkids Hannah2 Josh5 Derek12 they are a joy.I am unemployed and have been for 5 months now.I was working for a wonderful man that is so ill and had to close his business after 7 years of working with him this has been a heartbreak I pray for him daily he is my friend as well as my former boss.My husband and I are having some problems with bills but we are surrounded by love of family.My poor sons car broke down about time I lost my job and I cant help him with it now as I had planned. My husband Bryan and I share one car.
Susan Leach
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588 days ago

It would be nice for something outstanding to happen.This prize could be the kick start for our family.Sometimes one bad thing after another can come your way and you try to stay positive then after a while its hard to fight negative thoughts.I really think this could change our luck and our attitude. I know this happens to almost everyone sometimes but when your there it feels like your not coming out of it.You do make people feel like a friend I love see you help people and hope to be able to help others in the future.THANKS