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Susan Kalan
Name Susan Kalan
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About Me I am a 3rd grade school teacher, and love my job! I am married and have 2 beautiful sons that mean the world to me. My oldest son is 16 and my youngest son is 13. My mother and father are wonderful parents and grandparents. I have younger sisters and 2 beautiful nieces. I am very blessed to have such a close family and to work with young children.
Susan Kalan
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474 days ago

I am so grateful to you, Ellen. Not only do I love the show myself, but it is the highlight of my parents' day. My mom and dad are elderly, and this winter my father was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs, in the liver, and in the bone as a result of prostate cancer. As a minister, he spent his whole life taking care of others, and often helping less fortunate people that had no church. He never turned anyone away that needed help. Every Christmas, he did whatever he could by way of finding donations, or often out of his own pocket, to provide my 3rd grade students with at least 2 or 3 presents for everyone in their family, even though he really never had it to give! When he was well, he often dressed as Santa and delivered the items himself! He loved visiting the people of the church, or anyone that needed him. He even loved drinking wine with the priests when he was invited! My sisters and I have been so blessed to have the best father in the world. He has always been there for us. When we were small, he took us, along with all the neighborhood kids to the drive-in and let us sit on the hood of the car to watch Disney movies. At the end of each summer, he took us to the park for a picnic to give us a pep talk for returning to school. There were many times he sat and held our hands when we were scared or worried. He brought home our first pet, and taught us love, compassion, and how to cope when something you love dies. He spent hours rocking us as children, singing to us, and playing with us. He has spent hours rocking his grandchildren, and has taught my sons that it's o.k. to be different, to stand up for what is right, and that it's o.k. to cry when you're sad. He's taught them to be gentlemen, how to live, and now he's teaching us all how to die. He is currently waiting to see what his health insurance will cover for treatment in order to keep him comfortable and to perhaps give him more time. The price of the pills are ridiculous. We see all the wonderful things you do for people. We are fortunate that we don't need any kind of help, but it makes us feel so good that you give so much to others that do. Everyday, you make us laugh, and generally just feel good. You are definitely the best medicine for my father, and all of us! Thank you, Ellen!