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Susan Goldfeder
Name Susan Goldfeder
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Hobbies Baking, reading, exercising, shopping, watching "The Ellen Show".
About Me I am a 58 year old woman, married for 31 years, with 2 adult daughters. I have always been very health conscious- I never smoke or drink, and I eat and cook healthy foods, except for chocolate! I lost 2 close friends to breast cancer, both who were very young; 1 was 30, & the other was 43, so I've never missed a mammo. I found both of my cancers before the doctors did! I had a lumpectomy, chemo & radiation in 2004, and developed severe spine problems as a result. I was also rear ended, so that accident damaged my neck. I had 2 surgeries on my lumbar spine, 2 on my cervical spine, 2 for a torn rotator cuff, and 1 operation to remove a benign tumor between my neck & shoulder. Nine months ago, I found a new lump in the same breast, & I was given the news that it was malignant & needed a double mastectomy on my birthday. Can you think of a better gift? Haha. I had the surgery on Valentine's Day, & my next surgery is scheduled for Veteran's Day, Novemver 12 th. When people see me, they are surprised to find out about my health. I am in good physical shape- 5" tall, 95 lb. I never leave my house without doing my hair, putting on make- up, or dressing nice- you never know who you may run into! I always try to be upbeat, with a smile on my face. I've found that a positive attitude really helps, & I try to make pink lemonade out of the many lemons I've been given!
Susan Goldfeder
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651 days ago

I wrote in to be part of your show for Breast Cancer Awareness Month last Sunday, October 7th. How do you choose the winners, and when can I expect to get a response? Does having breast cancer twice help my chances? I always watch your show, and count on you to make my laugh even when I'm feeling my worst. Since June 2004, I've had nine surgeries, and my tenth is coming up on November 12th. Getting the opportunity to be a part of "The Ellen Show" would be a great pre- surgery gift! If you choose me, I promise that I'll dance with you! Thanks:-)