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Susan deVera
Name Susan deVera
Age 50
Joined 228 days ago
Hobbies Golf,cooking sports watching your special and dancing with u
About Me I love your show I watch from the beginning when I'm sad ,mad down u always turn my day around no matter what and you heave been like a role model for me.your smile and kindness I never seen or felt from anyone you our the real meaning of the good heart of gold person I wish we had more people like you I will watch you as long as your on and laugh everyday thxs for this gift Suzi deVera
Susan deVera
Ellen's New Product: The Eye Patch
227 days ago

Ellen no matter what you always put a smile on my face! Love the patch! See lemons make lemonade, got so more bad news while watching your show..was in teas and crying...and then u playing tennis and just your kind and funny words I was doing both crying and laughing.. Thank you so much everyday u bring me hope and grey looks good on you merry Xmas I hope Susan devera