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Susan Cunningham
Name Susan Cunningham
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Hobbies Music, my dogs, my family, driving.
About Me I am married 13 years and my husband recently had a kidney transplant this past February. He is on disability now and I have been laid off since January. We have two dogs that are like our kids. Since we are not working, we will not be able to get our neices and nephews Christmas gifts again this year. The house is falling apart and we need many things fixed. We live far from our family but they have helped us with food and money. I would love to give something back.
Susan Cunningham
Message from Ellen
357 days ago

Hi, my name is Susan Cunningham, here is my story of why I would love to win the 12 days of Christmas. My husband and I have been going through some really tough times over the last few years. Joe lost his job he had of 15 years, went to truck driving school and did get a job driving a truck. I lost my job of almost 12 years in 2009. I had a new job but have since lost that one as well after almost a year. I am working now but only part time and no benefits at a very low wage but it is close to home and I love it. The poeple I work for are great and I really like them. Joe became ill with Kidney disease in 2008 and was on dialysis at home daily. He did get transplant in Wisconsin in February and is healing nicely but still can not return to work. He is on SSDI. I have a seizure disorder and my monthly medication is $120. I have no insurance, I go to a clinic which is 25 miles away. I can not afford to see my old Dr and I have not seen him in a couple of years, I am on a waiting list at the clinic.
We had to used my 401k and all our savings to keep us a float. My family did help us out with money while we were in WI for the transplant. I wonder every month if we will make our mortage. His SSI money is what pays our mortage, we are late alomst every month because he gets paid on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The mortage is due on the 1st. We can barely pay our monthly bills with the money I get on my part time job because the hours vary from week to week from 15 to 23. We have not been able to pay for any extras. We are now getting Link for food. I am a month behind on Joe's car payment because I can not seem to get enough money saved to pay it one month our car insurance was due. My van is a 2003 and has over 177 thousand miles on it. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. We use to have so much fun together, now we worry so much we hardly ever laugh, we liked to entertain and stuff but can no longer do that kind of stuff.
Hope to hear from you soon, we both watch your show and love to watch you dance. Joe is getting the "ok" from the Dr soon to start driving again but he has to go back to school and he then will have to go over the road, I have also applied for another part-time job at our library in town. I hope I get it.
Thanks for all you do Ellen, you make people laugh and that matters a lot!
Susan Cunningham

Susan Cunningham
Check In to Viggle!
429 days ago

I would like to win the $20,000 for my friend Susan, not saying I can't use the money either because I can but she needs it more than I do. She is renting a house where the the roof is falling in and her landlord will not fix it and he is making threats to turn off her electric, she is looking for a different house to rent. Plus her car just recently broke down and she is having a hard time trying to find a new place to rent I would have her come to live with me for awhile but she has two adult kids and I do not have the room for all of them. Plus her car is broken, she recently had a stroke and is blind in one eye. I wish I could help her but my husband and I are also struggling as well. The money would help her so much Ellen, the people she has been trying to rent from are telling her she needs to have two incomes, she is only one, isnt that wrong? Please let me know if you can help, Thanks Love Susan :)

Susan Cunningham
Jane Lynch, Kenny Chesney
463 days ago

Ellen, I love you and your show, I watch every day and I DVR it when I am not home so I can watch it later. Today is my birthday, it is also Earth Day, today is a beautiful day in the mid-west. I hope one day to meet you. I didn't want to tell you my sob story but my friends think I should. I lost my job in 2009 and used all of our savings to make ends meet, then my husband went to truck driving school and was driving a truck and we were doing ok until he became ill with kidney disease and needed a transplant well he did get a transplant and I did get another job but now I lost that job and am out of work again. My husband has also developed fluid around his liver I don't even know what that means. I am sorry this is not the letter I intented to write. I wanted it to be a happy letter. I just hope we him and I could one day feel like we once did about each other. Thanks for listening.