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Susan Copeland
Name Susan Copeland
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Hobbies Gardening, helping others, people, and my family.
About Me I'm an RN working on getting my degree in nursing. I currently am not working as I lost my job but am in the process of trying to obtain employment.
Susan Copeland
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184 days ago

I definitely know someone that could use a car. Even a used one would work as the car he now drives is a wreck and I worry as he needs it to drive to his job which requires him to use the highway. My son Ryan has always had to achieved what ever his set goal was the hard way. He suffers from dyslexia. As a young child his ability to read was hindered by this and his classmates made fun of him and harassed him. With the help of tutors he was able to graduate from high school and never stopped striving for this goal. After high school he set his sights on becoming a nurse. Struggling with the extremely hard curriculum associated with nursing school, Ryan was dropped from the program of the first nursing school he attended. He worked in a local hospital as a patient caregiver at a minimal wage to keep involved in the medical profession. He also attended the local community college to help increase his GPA and hopefully get him back into a nursing program. After much hard work and never doubting he could obtain his goal of becoming a nurse, he was admitted to another nursing school. He prevailed through this program and after much hard work and dedication, Ryan graduated from nursing school. But his struggles did not end here. He needed to pass his licensing board exams. Standardized tests are unmerciful to dyslexias. He studied, took courses aimed at helping you pass this test and failed it after 2 attempts. If he failed on his third try, he would need to take more courses. His ability to get his license would need to wait for 6 more months as required by the licensing board. He increased his studies and we prayed. On the third attempt Ryan passed and now is an RN. He has a heart of gold and is an outstanding nurse. His patients absolutely love him and he always gives them 200% when he cares for them. This is made evident by the many letters his patients write and send to the hospital administration. As a mother I am so proud of his achievement and perseverance when most people thought he wouldn't or couldn't become a nurse. Now why he could use a newer car. Because of his many loans and bills that come with going to college, he is now working to pay off his debt. He has used this car for 8+ years and it was old when he started driving it. The door inside panels are off and the windows don't work. Plus it is ugly and doesn't always start. I truly believe it is not safe for him to drive during the winter months. But none of this prevents him from going to his job as a nurse which he loves. It would be such a great surprise to him, as he has always struggled with everything he has always wanted to achieve, to give him a newer vehicle. So please Ellen please consider this very giving young man a gift he would forever be grateful for receiving. Thank you too for your numerous, and I mean numerous acts of sharing and kindness you show others. I often wish I had the funds, as I would do the same.
Best regards,
Sue Copeland