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Susan Clark
Name Susan Clark
Location Aberdeen, WA
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Hobbies reading, playing with my dogs, Chloe and Marley, playing with my grandchildren going to their sporting events. Visiting family and friends. Travel when we can afford it.
About Me I am 59 years old and retired because of health reasons. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 40 years this year. We have two beautiful daughters and 2 perfect grandchildren ages 9 and 11. I own two rescue dogs Chloe who is 5 yrs old and Marley who is 8 months old. They provide me the comfort that I need on a daily basis so that I can cope with my disease, and they are just plain a lot of fun. I taught school for 12 years and then made a career change and began working in the human services field. I worked with children and families to help them make change in their lives so they could better function without child abuse and neglect. I feel blessed for the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in this manner. I continue to advocate for family change when it is needed and do what I can and what my health allows me to do, in my community to help children and families lead the functional lives that they hope for. My husband and I like to travel but have not been able to do much in the past 7 years because it is difficult for me to ride in a car for any length of time. We are saving for a motorhome so we can "move about the country" and be comfortable. My husband retires in three years and we have always planned to see the places that we have not seen in the US. We hope to include our family in this adventure as much as we can. Our motto is "Life is an adventure to live not a problem to be solved." (Kalil Kabran) We have been blessed with a great adventure.
Susan Clark
An Astounding and Emotional Performance
318 days ago

This video was beautiful. It made me cry. I lost my mother 4 years ago and I remember my father weeping for her. He is now 97 years old and will sit outside on his deck and cry for her. It makes me sad. Thank you for helping this young man and his family. You and Shutterfly are awesome!