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Susan Boos
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About Me I am a 53 year old woman who loves watching your show when I get a chance. You just brighten up my day and make me laugh. Thank you! We all need a little levity now and then.
Susan Boos
Chris Kluwe, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
553 days ago

What a great show today! Thank you for bringing Chris Kluwe on your show. I had never heard about the letters from him or the other player who he was talking about, and supporting Gay Relationships/Marriage. We need to bring more people like this forward so one day soon, it won't even be a thing that is thought of that is different. Everyone will just think of people together who love each other. Maybe you can add the other gentleman to your Ellen's Hall of Fame. He sounds deserving as well. Very positive show Ellen. Thanks, I needed something positive today.