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About Me I'm an asian, grew up in the Philippines and have 2 kids & 2 grandkids. Presently laid off so I retired unless I'll be able to find another job. Have 2 siblings in the Philippines that I would like to see whenever I can but due to my job being cut off, I don't know when I can see them again. I'm also an active volunteer in helping people in the Philippines who were devastated by the super typhoon Haiyan. I'm also a volunteer in my church at St Raphael Church in North Carolina. I know that I can do so many things not only in my community but anywhere else with God's help.
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129 days ago

Hi Ellen, I've never used a mouthwash ever since I grew up. I only tried it whenever I am in my dentist office. The taste is just too strong for me. But you know, there's another way how to use those mouthwash like Listerene? You can soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes with equal parts of mouthwash with hot water (temperature - as much as you can handle) to remove your callus. .you'll see your dead skin peeling off.
it's always nice to watch your show as full time now. Since I was laid off from work and just finding jobs online (so I don't have to travel to spend for my gas), it felt good to have some fun during your shows. You make me happy and not to worry about the income that I lost. I used to send help to my families in the Philippines at least twice a year especially during the holidays and their birthdays. Now, I can't do much of that anymore. I just want my sister who will be 69 on May and my youngest brother who just turned 64 on March 14 to come and visit me here in North Carolina. I can't do this for them but I have hope and believe that someday somebody will be able to help them. I just wish that one day God will hear my prayers, that I'll be able to help others thru HIM..

Ellen's in Bruno Mars' Ear
160 days ago

Hi Ellen, I really can't stop laughing watching your show with Bruno Mars and still watched this video. You're both so funny, omg I got tears laughing. Thank you for making so many people smile and laugh. This is why you're the number 1 on the shows. Since I am not working anymore after being laid off from work, I keep on waiting for your show. I wish I could talk to you even just one day. I've always wanting to share a story of my family back in the Philippines, but then I thought you'll have no time cause you're too busy helping others as well. I just pray for your success and more power to you with your show. Luv ya