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Name Sunitha
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About Me Working mom too busy for herself. Love to help environment.
See One Direction on Ellen!
633 days ago

Hi Ellen,
My daughters and I love ur show, a fun-derful show. We luv the dance part!
It is my b day and as a mom, my only wish is for my kids to be happy.
As a teenage girl and her friend who are earning their own money- would love too see her idols!
Once we waited hours to try to see them, they of course were not able.
I cannot tell you how disappointing it was.
This especially for me, as I would do anything for my girls.
You understand.
Rock on.


10th Anniversary Show
633 days ago

Happy birthday to your show!
I m excited because it is mine as well.
I hope to get to meet u in person someday, a true inspiration for me.