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sue woods
Name sue woods
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Hobbies cooking, gardening, spending time with my 5 children and 10 grand babies (when in the state).
About Me Recently divorced after 30 yrs. Spend most of my time working.
sue woods
Bruno Mars, Michelle Obama and Al Gore
527 days ago

Ellen, this truly comes from my heart, I admire you for all the strength, laughter, kindness that YOU give us ALL. Like someone commented previously, we all have our problems and I have my share (try to look at it as half full as hard as it can get). But when it is very hard I turn that tv on and watch you AND YOU actually make my laugh OUT LOUD in my empty house all alone. If my neighbors heard me I would be locked up. You without knowing it put a smile on my face, just when I need it. There should be more people in the world LIKE YOU!!!!!n Thank you for passing happiness and laughter on. I (WE) all love You!!