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sue witt
Name sue witt
Location pikeville, tn
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Hobbies my hobbies is finding glass dolls
About Me im 43 i like to watch soaps and collect glass dolls and walk my dogs and play with my cat and spend time with my family and my husband .
sue witt
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594 days ago

well Ellen i wish i could hear from you and that i could win the 12 days of giveaway and i'm don't work right know and my husband is the only one that works and we need some help with some bills and paying on his car we are down to one car i lost mine and its hard on my husband for me to use his car to go do the stuff i need to do and on dec 12 im going in for sugrery on my knee and and i would like to hear from you be for i go in my cell number is 1-423-453-9408 it would be a blessing if you could help we are in such a bind and im trying to get it fixed well MERRY CHRISTMAS love watching your show all of the time and i would love to meet you or some one that works for you i just watched your show to day and i never rod on a plane i am so scard of getting on a plane buti would ride one if in get to see you i can have my mom ride with me she takes the plane all the time well it would be a big blessing if i get to meet you or get a call from you because i know you help people out when they need it and im one of those people me and my husband is haveing it hard right know so please God let me get some help Thank you Ellen please can you help me and my husband .....Sue Witt

sue witt
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596 days ago

im all ways watching your show and i would really like to win you 12 days of giveaways i never have won any thing in my life i live in a house that is falling apart and i just lost my car and don't have the money to get another one so i have to stay home because my husband works at night and if i want to go any wheres i have to wait untill he gets home the nexts day to do any thing i love watching your show i thank you are a cool lady i see you help people out and i wish you could help me and my husband out my land lord wont fixs nothing in this house we are in the roof in side is falling apart and it leaks when it rains and it has dealy spiders in here to when it comes to be summer so please ellen have a heart and help me out i would love to meet you or get a phone call from you i lost my house phone because i could'nt pay it so i'm have to use my cell phone to make all my calls and to get them to well God Bless sue witt i'm going to pray that i hear from you p.s i don't even get to get that much Christmas gifts for my family this year because lack of money so my whis is to have a eough money to get gifts for my family agin thank you ellen