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Sue Pallas
Name Sue Pallas
Location Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Age 57
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Hobbies Scrap Booking, Flower Arranging,Listening to Music Watching the Ellen Show
About Me I am married to a wonderful lady from Victoria British Columbia, who moved to Ontario so we could be together. We both have to have our Ellen fix each day. It doesn't matter what mood we are in, Ellen always makes us laugh through-out her show. Ellen is my idol because I always wanted to be a stand up comedian. I still remember watching Ellen on the Johnny Carson show and the "telephone call to God" routine that she did plus if I recall correctly she was the 1st comedian to ever be invited over to a seat beside him to chat for awhile. I have been a huge fan of Ellen and one day I hope my prayers are answered and I get to go to one of her shows.
Sue Pallas
Ellen Introduces 'Twits and Ask'
333 days ago

Hi Ellen, you know how your Tuesday Jokes, well I have a joke for you but I hope not too many see this if they are in your audience the day you might use it. This is it, first ask your audience to get involved in your Knock-Knock jokes. So usually you say Knock-Knock and the audience goes "Who's There" and you say your punch line. You can get your audience really screwed up after you tell them they really have to participate. So you tell them to START THE JOKE....hopefully the audience will say "Knock-Knock" and you say "Who's There". It really messes with their Another mind thinker is ask your audience, in your monologue or sometime "how many of you walk to work or take your lunch?" Ask for a show of hands and watch how some put their hand up then back down, some put up 2 hands, etc. I have used both of these on people and the reactions you get are hilarious, plus you get a good chuckle. I didn't know where to send this to so I hope you are ok with me sending in this comment area. Sue Pallas (like Palace) in Ontario, Canada

Sue Pallas
Blind Pilot Performs 'Half Moon'
543 days ago

Ellen that song was not only beautiful but the lead singer's voice was like an angel's voice. I have never listenned to a group sing and fall in love with them right away. There are so many great songs on that CD called "We Are The Tide". I had to go out and buy it right away. I hope this band goes a long way, they deserve to.There are not too many bands or songs that you here a trumpet in, which was a nice touch to this song. I also love the CD title song. You've got great taste in music, oh and the best sense of humour I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!