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Sue Lopez
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About Me Dear Ellen, I am not sure I am in the right place, but I know you help people all the time. I watch your show everyday and I love you and your inspiration. I am 59 and my husband is 70. He is now on SS and a small amt of money from his pt job. He is ill with rheumatroid arthritis, and diabetic among other things. We have a hard time making the utilities, insurance, etc. Our house is in need of some repair and we don't have a savings or anything like that. We need a new roof, we were in the Hurricane Rita area and every year the roof gets worse. We are also in need of some repairs in the house, new floors that the animals have ruined over the years (filthy). There is more, but these are the two most important things we need to fix out house . Oh and recently we discovered we must have water coming down our wall. Probably from a roof leakage. I know it is alot to ask,but if you can help us, I will pay it forward as much as I can. I have hope in you and will keep watching you everyday regardless of what you do or not. Sincerely, Sue Lopez