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Steve Smith
Name Steve Smith
Location Lake Forest, CA
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Hobbies Electronic Bowling Cleaning house Collecting stuff!
About Me I am an ex DJ/VJ from OC and Palm Springs who turned to computer support after hand tremors made it impossible to cue records or even set needles down on vinyl. Eventually I began managing on line documentation and web content but because of my malady and my difficulty in using pointing devices, keyboards or any tpe of hand tool I was no longer efficent in my career choices and have had to retire too early for my savings but am getting by. The good news is I now have more time to watch TV and have been catching up on Daytime and Afternoon TV like I used to enjoy when I was working late nights as a club DJ. Ellen is still my favorite afternoon show and whther I am laughing at the games, being entertained by the dancing or a guest or losing a tear or two during one of your wonderful giveaway moments I enjoy your show. Okay the giveaways to the needy make me bawl. Sometimes a lot. Ha Ha! Great show keep it up!
Steve Smith
Caption This: Nemo No She Didn't
560 days ago

Nice tatt.. O O !

Steve Smith
You Write, Ellen Responds!
572 days ago

Holidays over, celebration has ended, new year is over and into it's 4 day and here I am dusting and cleaning again. Every year I give up all the dirt and dust again for New Years but then like clockwork it arrives... it's on my cabinets, windows, floors, dishes, clothes!

Next year I give up money and fame... Maybe...Just maybe!

Steve Smith
Madonna and Her Dancers
616 days ago

As a club jock for nearly 20 years Madonna was one of the artists, like Michael Jackson, Donna Summer and very few others that drove DJ's crazy. Between playing Madonna requests for several times a night for more than 10 years she was expensive. Replacing copy after copy of her records because of too many cue marks, scratches and way too much gunk from tobacco and alcohol on her records it was a constant chore to trek to a record store and buy another copy of Holiday, Burning Up, Luck Star, Vogue, etc. But seriously a chore I and most DJ's did with a big smile. Love it when the two of you are chatting and having fun on your show and Madonna - keep gving us music!!!!