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Stephen Austin
Name Stephen Austin
Location East Haven, Connecticut
Age 75
Joined 666 days ago
Hobbies collecting stuff & YouTube
About Me I do videos on YouTube as Old Man Steve. I have a fan club page on Facebook. I'm real old and have written to the First Lady Michelle Obama. I'm still waiting to hear back from her......I hope its before I get any older......I could be gone
Stephen Austin
Quote of the Day: Olive
600 days ago

I love Drew. We watched her grow up.I'm so happy she has a new baby.happy holidays Drew and God bless your new baby

Stephen Austin
Wanda's Trip to the Aquarium
605 days ago

I love when Wanda Sykes is on .She makes me laugh and I also crack up at Ellen laughing at Wanda

Stephen Austin
You Write, Ellen Responds!
609 days ago

Wow ! I started reading the letter's to you and I guess you get a bunch of people who want help. My request is for you to have a safe holiday with much love and of course lot's of dancing. I entered the 12 day's contest and hope like everyone else you pick me.I'm 74 years old and caregiver to my partner of 42 years who has Parkinson. We watch your show every day.God bless
Stephen Austin

Stephen Austin
Wanda Sykes, Kevin Pollak
610 days ago

I love when you have Wanda Sykes on.She is so funny and make's me laugh and watching Ellen laugh at Wanda. Love you Wanda !

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