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First I would like to say that we love you Ellen and you are a big deal in our family. I tried the request form but it wouldn't work for me so I'm trying it this way. Anyway, I am writing on behalf of my 26 year old sister in law Caroline. Caroline is going to be a first time mom due in October, she just found out she is pregnant and the whole family is excited for her because she is the baby in the family. I really think Caroline could use a trip to see you, she deserves it. See Caroline is always the one who is there for her family and friends, she's always the one that everyone calls for if they need a baby sitter or a ride somewhere, she never complains or asks for money. Caroline just got married this past November and her husband got laid off his job so Caroline is working as much as she can as a hair stylist at JCPenney just to get bills paid. She also does hair when she's not working and sometimes never gets paid for it. It will become a lot harder for her and her husband once a new baby comes along so I was hoping she could come to the show and get some of the great gifts you give away that way it's less things she has to get for the baby. For those reasons I think you should pick her cause she could really use all the help she can get.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,