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Stephanie L. Eppert
Name Stephanie L. Eppert
Location Santa Maria, CA
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Hobbies singing, crafts, playing guitar, but mostly dedicated to my special needs daughter now.
About Me I am a single 57 yr. old. mother of my now 20 year old Down syndrome daughter. Work with IHSS Home care Providers. wait tables when I can. I haven't had a mother for 33 years now (murdered). My daughter and I do alot of advocating for homecare. She loves to karaokee so thats what we do almost nightly. love the Voice. If only I was young again. :) I have a son 31 in prison, for 9 months. praying we have a home he can come to and someday we can actually be a family. and he can learn to be in his sisters life before I die. we all each other has. God is wonderful and has taken the grey skies away. I love to watch Ellen, she makes me cry so much every time I see her bless so many people.... I cry just typing this. She is spectacular.... I miss out on alot of these things having no mother, and My daughter not really understanding the miracles of People like Ellens love and generousity.... she see's me and sometimes asks "what's wrong my angel? " and I just say, oh she makes the people so happy! look at this or that!" but she doesn't care.... her world is so pure simple and happy Amen. And we love our church and God. I traveled 2300 mi. when their father and I split, when she was 1 1/2. stranded in Adair Iowa, God sent a tent, we stayed in the storming rain under a tree her I and my son. a bad stituation. God sent a police officer 2 towns over who had heard of a woman in the park with her kids.... how nice. he assured me the worst of the tornado reports were over. and he'd come back if needed. He (God)sent a women who gave us one night in the only motel and the tent to use.... life has been a book and some day wish I could write one... Any way nothing much to say never really been anywhere on a vacation. to hard to think of with my daughter... but I sure love watching Ellen make me laugh... and do her dance.
Stephanie L. Eppert
A Celebration of Moms with Mila Kunis & Keith Urban!
71 days ago

God I wish I could find the dang word of the day contest it was RED BALLOONS!, CANT FIND, OUT OF TIME HERE AT THE LIBRARY