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Stephanie Hernandez
Name Stephanie Hernandez
Location Burleson , Texas
Age 33
Joined 590 days ago
Hobbies Watching Ellen & trying to be the kind hearted person like her,
About Me I've been on the wrong side of the tracks most of my life & now that I'm on the right track I want to be as kind hearted as Elln is the most inspirational person I've ever seen & wish that one day I could change someone's life for the best. Changing mine was the best thing I've ever accomplished & I want people to know it's totally worth everything that you do to get where you want to be in life! Ellen has made me see through & through that anything is possible! Thank you Elleni envy you!
Stephanie Hernandez
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590 days ago

Ellen you are a very special person. Very busy so I guess you won't be getting back with me one the email I sent in about advice or help on doing something special for me & my aunt.All of my mom & her sisters are very close & they need something special done for them this holiday $ is an issue in most cases of my life so I was just wondering if you could @ least have one of your staff call & help me out. My family & I work very hard together to take care of my last living grandfather we are all kind of needing a break. He is diabetic & blind he lives with my Aunt Nina! Its very hard for her to get time by herself so we pitch in when we can so if you could please help me out that would be the greatest gift in the world! Thank you hope to hear from you soon! Merry Christmas!!!!! We love Ellen!!