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Stephanie Caccavale
Name Stephanie Caccavale
Location Mineola , New York
Age 21
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Hobbies voice over magic drums computers comedy
About Me Your looking at a 20 year old, soon to be Graphic Designer from Long Island, New York. I currently am a Junior attending Hofstra University. I have many weird interests in voice over animations, magic, drums and other really random things. I want to experience the feeling you get when your 5 years old everyday. I am a positive person and I have a great personality and imagination. I want to do a voice over for "Finding Dory", I've always wanted to and knew my whole life that I would no matter what any one ever said to me. I've had dreams, visions, I even set up what I thought the sequel would look like with pictures and some scenes I had in mind. Please contact me Ellen, your an inspiration and you make my day everyday. You have the power to change lives and bring happiness to people who forgot what its like to see the world through a child's eyes.