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Steph McGlade
Name Steph McGlade
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Hobbies WATCHING ELLEN! Playing Piano netball tennis Golf dancing (im not very good at it) Acting Singing
About Me My name is Stephanie McGlade and I'm from a little town called Colac in Victoria, AUSTRALIA. I have 2 Dogs Lilly and Bart and their mother and son. I absolutely love you! i love it when it comes to 5:00pm and i get to watch you it makes my day! Every tuesday in homeroom at school we do Classic Joke Tuesday and we all love it :) i hope I can come and see you one day its my dream and from watching your show I have learnt that dreams can come true if you believe they can. Thank you :) xoxo
Steph McGlade
It's Classic Joke Tuesday!
400 days ago

How did the butcher introduce his wife?

Meat Patty :)

Steph McGlade
Classic Sale Tuesday!
401 days ago

Q.How does the butcher introduce his wife?

A. Meat Patty :D

Steph McGlade
Tour Buses Galore
573 days ago

your just AMAZING!