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Message from Ellen
178 days ago

Hi Ellen,
We share the same birthday, and I was born in 1963 in Tennessee. Happy Birthday to tou!! Love the show.

Next year, I have decided to celebrate my BD in June. This January stuff sucks. Only a few folks remembered me this year - whatever; and I guess it was because I was so quiet. I've been sick with a cold the last week, and pretty much sniffed through - couldn't really celebrate if I wanted. However, my partner, who was also sick, was wonderful enough to trick me to get out of the house long enough to get me something. .... anyway, that was great but the otherwise cold weather, with NO snow, here is something I'll pass on and just cover it in June. :-)

Stacy Hutsell
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
226 days ago

My brother, now 56 years old, was a victim of bullying. Back when we were teenagers, there were no support groups or much empathy at all; we lived a modest southeastern life in the bible belt - boys were supposed to be strong, future men, etc., so it wasn't even something that was talked about or believed. I watched him grow up, and ultimately shut down. Years later he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He didn't receive the support then, and now he'll suffer the rest of his life. He was a productive member of society until he was fired on 2 occasions prior to his diagnosis. Now he can't work. He is on disability - not enough to live on in this country unless you have a few children or you go into a state facility (and we all know how the mental health system lacks in the US). He is my brother. I inherited him. I love him but how unfair his life is, and now mine. You tell me.