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About Me I have 3 challenging teenagers and a husband who is a loving father to my 3 teens who are not biologically his, it has been tough for us as my husband has been diagnosed as bipolar disorder, but we are making it work thanks to meds, lol and a good sense of humour.
A Heartwarming Surprise Military Reunion
214 days ago

Hi Ellen! My brother Jack has always been there for his family and friends, he is always willing to help out anyone he can and never does anything for himself. Jack has been out of work ror 3 yrs and holds his head up high! I keep telling him one day when I can afford it I am going to take him on a trip for all he has done for me. Jack recently had a car accident with my mom in the car, aside from being a bit shook up they were both ok but his car was a right off, not working and having no car put in a bit of a funk. Ellen we would love to be on your show, pls consider us, thanks.
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