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stacie prather
Name stacie prather
Location new orleans, la
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Hobbies Helping elderly and sick friends with needs
About Me 51, katrina survivor and still trying to keep my head up after identity theft and contractor fraud. Newly married, 1/9/2014. Husband sufferrs from neuropathy and I take care of his needs due to his depression/mental illness caused by the disease. He is funny as heck. We are loved by everyone we meet because God stays in our hearts even though we struggle so hard to get our house in better living condition due to shady contractor. We stay fun and love kife.
stacie prather
Theresa Caputo is Back!
136 days ago

Hi Theresa. You have such an amazing gift. I admire how you utilize it to make people feel so much better, just knowing their loved ones always watch over them. Uou havema kind heart.