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Stacie Canfield Giles
Name Stacie Canfield Giles
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About Me I am a nurrse who cares deeply about her friend. I left my job to be nell's nurse. Nell is my hero!
Stacie Canfield Giles
Ellen Answers Audience Questions
665 days ago

My Name is Stacie. I am the Friend of Nell/Nurse who asked Ellen the last question in this video clip. I only had a minbute at the show to speak about Nell, but there is so much more you should know.
Nell waqs diagnosed with ALS going on 4 years ago this winter. She plans on beating the odds. It took an enormous amount of effort for Nell to make it from her home in Fairview, PA to the Ellen show for Tuesday's taping. Nell requires skilled nursing care 24/7 to provide even her basic needs. This does not stop Nell from being as independent as absolutely possible. Nell drivesw her chair with her head movements, and communicates through a device she type on using her eyes. She sleeps every night on a vemtilator allowing her tired body to get the rest she needs to keep moving! Nell is an amazing woman who embodies the spirit of courage. She was actually given an award by the Sister's of Saint Joseph called The Spirit of Courage 3 years ago. Nell is a champion horseback rider and has actually rescued race track horses to rebreak them into school horses. Everyday she stays positive, no matter what her day brings. Ellen, the brief interaction you have given Nell, has changed her life. She looks at the picture of you two and just beams from ear to ear. Thank you for recognizing Nell. Here is her facebook site,listing her journey to see your show!

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