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Sonya Maas
Name Sonya Maas
Location Meraux, Louisiana
Age 51
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Hobbies Watching Tv, and catching up on Ellen show at work
About Me Single Parent of three amazing kids, both spouses are deceased. They only have me to fall back on and I am struggling to help them out.
Sonya Maas
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
244 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I would love it if you could help my Daughter who is supporting her family on her own, her husband recently lost his job she barely makes anything and they are renting my house which now I am paying the rent for them. She has two beautiful boys one is a inspiring song writer and singer and one day hopes to make it big so he can take care of his mom, the other one is 11 and a straight a student. She also has a baby on the way and a step son. She is trying to support the family on her own without asking for help but she is a very strong person and I as her mother will do what I can to help her even if it means going into debt which I am. I refuse to put them out on the street because they are my family and pride and joy. I wish that just for xmas she can have her prayers answered. Her husband has tried numerous times to return to the New Orleans Police Force which needs police but they have yet to call him back. My wish for my children and grandchildren is that they have a special Christmas, I go to bed every night worrying about all of my children. And pray they find there way before I close my eyes. Knowing that you are a fellow New Orleanian I was hoping that you can in some way help her out with her situation. She is only a Medical Assistant and doesn't make much and I wish he could get back on the force. maybe if you could do that wonderful magic that you do you can help her out so her pregnancy is not so stressful. I want her to have a healthy and happy baby and a wonderful pregnancy. Please Ellen if you read this let me know if you can help her in anyway. She is my Hero by taking care of everything. Thank you her loving Mom