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Sonny Memaj
Name Sonny Memaj
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Hobbies To help others, in every way.
About Me My name is Sonny Memaj. I have 10 years in USA. (Michigan). I'm married with Sokol Memaj. Both we came with a big dream. We worked so hard, and our life sometime go in rough surface, but we have to deal with it.I worked before as Dental Technical, and after 1 1/2 year I get fired with no reason. Im very nice person and I get hurt, because, when you have a good manners, and good heart, and you put all the values you have, and in the end, they didn't think about my family. Anyway I went to school for Medical Assistant and I finished. I start to work at Family Medicine to Dr. Samina Ghazi. She is amazing person and Dr. I'm happy now.
Sonny Memaj
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230 days ago

Hello! My name is Sonny Memaj. I'm from Michigan, and I'm married and we have two children. Ira, 20 years old and Drin 7 years old. Ira is in college Wayne State University, for Pre-Med. She is extraordinary person, and Drin is in first grade. He is very good kid. I love them to death. I always saw Ellen, and I wish to be there just one time with my daughter Ira. I hope my dream came true. Thank you Sonny Memaj