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Solomon Hernandez
Name Solomon Hernandez
Age 20
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Hobbies I LOVE Listening to music (specially Selena's)(i'm thinking of doing this 4 career rather than a hobbie), watch tv/movies (i want to become an actor, and i am trying my best to become an actor, and my HUGE dream, (hopefully if it's possible), is 2 act with Selena), basketball (not just bcuz selena likes playing basketball), play the drums, (want 2 learn...) guitar, & piano.
About Me hey cool peps (n all other selenators), i am a boy who is VERY OBSESSED with Selena Gomez, been her fan in '06 ever since she played as Gwen on Disney Channel's "Suit Life of Zack & Cody". n that's all i'm gonna say. (i do have a story of how i became Selena's OBSESSED fan, but it's kinda difficult to tell it & some might not make sense at all 2 any of u.) and i am also writting a song about her, it's my 3rd song already, 1st song was about her 20th bday, 2nd is about how i TOTALLY FEEL about her, now the 3rd is how i <3 her. #Selenator4ever!
Solomon Hernandez
Selena Performs 'Come and Get It'
464 days ago

I LOVE this song, i just can't get enough of Selena's new single "Come and Get It", plus i no most of the words now, (maybe only a few i need 2 remember.) #Selenator4ever! (n 4 the record i am a boy who is her obsessed fan, like 2,252+ pics of her and all over my accounts has Selena Gomez's pic n name; like SelenaGomezRULE or ObsessedwithSelG.)