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Heidi Klum, and Nikki Reed
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How dare any of you ATTACK my sister, Katie. NONE of you have any idea of what my sister has been through. AND FOR YOU DANIEL AND CHEYENNE to get on here and attack her, and like you do EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE SENDING HER horrible texts, HOW DARE YOU. Daniel, you call her a whore who slept with a married man? My sister met you at age 16 and divorced you at age 31. YOU were the ONLY man she has ever slept with in her entire life. You LEFT HER recently while still married to go be with another woman who has two kids from two different fathers. YOU let your three wonderful children see you sleep in the same bed with this woman. I was there with my sister Katie when she received the call that you told her you slept with this woman. I held my sister for two days straight while she cried in tears. You destroyed her. I am so ashamed of you. You were like a brother to me. You walked away from GOD and going to church. HOW DARE you come on HERE AND TALK ABOUT MY PARENTS DAUGHTER IN THIS WAY when my family has GIVEN YOU EVERYTHING. MY SISTER IS THE ONE WHO HELPED YOU GRADUATE SCHOOL!! SHE DID YOUR SCHOOLWORK!!! My sister is a single mother with THREE kids , who gets NO help with child support. And for you AMY and all your friends, and to think you are women of GOD? "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." You women should be aware of these verses since you claim you are so Godly. Shame on all of you for being so immature and disgusting. NONE of you have any idea of what my sister has been through. NONE OF YOU. LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE DANIEL,CHEYENNE,AMY, AND ALL HER FRIENDS and GO TO CHURCH!!!!!!