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Shwetlana Ambastha
Name Shwetlana Ambastha
Joined 265 days ago
Hobbies Playing piano, guitar, drums and congo. Reading books, writing music, listening to music, having fun etc.
About Me I'm a student also a musician. I play musical instruments . I love animals. I am a keen observer. And I want to meet Ellen someday.
Shwetlana Ambastha
Lady Gaga on Her Boyfriend
240 days ago

I'm watching our show so regularly now and I've watched your entire sitcom 'ellen' on youtube. I'm your very big fan. The sad part is that I'm not a US resident. I'm from India so I guess its gonna take some time when I actually come to US just to see your show. But I certainly will come because you are amazing.

Shwetlana Ambastha
255 days ago

My god! You depicted this update in such an amazing, funny and in your way! Lol..thanks love you.

Shwetlana Ambastha
You Write, Ellen Responds!
257 days ago

Hey Ellen. You won the title of 'America's funniest person'. But I say you deserve another title of 'Person with the best smile in the whole wide world'. Love you so much.

Shwetlana Ambastha
Send Us Your Funny Facebook Status Updates
260 days ago

Sakshi: If your heart still hurts, it means you still care.
Shwetlana: Or you should consult a cardiologist.

Shwetlana Ambastha
Ellen's In Your Facebook! Been Gardening?
260 days ago

God! This is so hilarious!!

Shwetlana Ambastha
Find Out More About Alma Deutscher
265 days ago

She is unbelievable. Really a prodigy. I also learned to play all the instruments on my own starting at the age of 9. Am I also a prodigy?