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Ellen's Aunt Helen
287 days ago

I never know what to say, when I hear about someones passing. I kind of get lost for words. The only words that come out of my mouth are "only a wink away".

Rest In Peace Helen.

Is That Ellen?
288 days ago

Found a vintage photo that just looks like Ellen.

Miley Cyrus and More!
289 days ago

Ellen must be pleased, Miley has the same haircut has her. They could be twins!!

Caution: Glitter
594 days ago

I think Ellen needs to open a shop for speciality lesbian clothing wear. Obviously Ellen needs fashion designers. Lesbians who don't wear skirts are limited really in what they can wear. From the neck down Ellen, you are the Forgotten City.

For someone like Ellen who loves money more than her clothes. I am surprised she has not opened up a Lesbian Clothing Outlet for the Skirtless. Maybe Ellen could ask inspiring Fashion Students to design a Lesbian portfolio and invite them on her show or have a one-to-one in private (incase Ellen is Shy).

Women In Office
622 days ago

LOL..I misread this "It was a big election for women, with a record-breaking number of women in the Senate!"

I thought it read "It was a big election for women, with a record-breaking number of women in ELLEN!

I got lost in translation.

Undecided Voters
628 days ago

One of these days Ellen will wake up!!

Send Love to Ellen's Mama
666 days ago

I don't believe this! this is just another plug for Ellen to talk about her back issues!! :)

Ellen's Time Capsule from Season 1
674 days ago

Very atmospheric. The sweater you are wearing does wonders for your complexion. Spooooooky.

P!nk Is on Ellen's Season 10 Premiere!
685 days ago

This is wonderful, simply marvellous.