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Shirrie Pickett
Name Shirrie Pickett
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Hobbies Scrap booking and reading
About Me I am a single grandmother and raising a wonderful 14 yr. old grand daughter.
Shirrie Pickett
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593 days ago

I am one of your biggest fans! You ROCK Ellen! I live in Hutchinson, Kansas with my darling grand daughter Caitlin who is 14 yrs.old and we have been together since she was five. Her mother got herself in a lot of trouble and I took the girls
-Cassie who has since moved to Montana with her Dad ,and my sweet Caitlin to raise and to love. Because I am a single grand parent and 58 yrs old. I haven't been able to give Caitlin the extras that she needs or deserves. Caitlin goes to school each and everyday and is a straight A student and receives the Principals honor roll as well. I make enough money to pay the bills and buy a few groceries. There is no money left over for the things that Caitlin might want or even really need. It breaks my heart Ellen to not be able to give my sweet pea Caitlin more. She never complains, she will ask me if there might be some money left after paying our bills and when I have to tell her no she just says okay Grandma. Please if your willing to help us it would be the greatest gift in all of the world... Thank you for listening Ellen, God Bless

Shirrie Pickett
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598 days ago

I love you Ellen! I just want to be able to give my 14 yr. old grand daughter the things that she does without(I am raising Caitlin) because I only make enough to barely meet the bills! There is nothing left for anything else. I am so sad because Caitlin is a very good girl. She makes all A's and goes to church on Wednesday and Sunday. It would be a dream come true to be able to do this.
Thank you so very much!
Always and Forever,