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Name shirly
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Age 37
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Hobbies gardening,cooking, singing, running, exercise.
About Me I am frome philippines i am broken family when i grow up i always by my self i am not perfect speak in english only a basic it's becouase i am not finish my school, coz my mom push me to have job i was 8 years old not good coz my school is stop, coz my family poor in the provence, after that i meet my father he have family coz when i was born no father, i meet my father i was 28 years old in manila, and i meet my mom i was 30 years old my mom not suport my school when i live the house 8 years old i always by my selfe study and work as housekeeping. And now i am new merreid last year december 8 2012, i am one year now stay at New Zealand not happy coz no job no money hahaha. But will what i do everyday? i love Running exercise clean the house gardening Watching Ellen TV show, i always singing and playing games, i wish i got the job soon to help my husband and my family in my country to support the school to half sister and half brother. THAT'S ABOUT ME. AND ME GOD BLESS YOU ALL!..
Cast of 'Grown Ups 2' Gets Rowdy
369 days ago

Hi ellen i filipina i am new merreid in kiwi man last year december 8 2012 and now i 1year here in NZ, I like you so much Ellen coz you make me lough your so kined person and a lot of fun, when i starting to see your show her in New zealand i am not fell boring when i see you i watching tv 2 time's a day in your show, i wish i see you both with portia in person for take a photo with me i wish my dreams come true.. love love ya. Me god bless you all..