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Shirley Sutherland
Name Shirley Sutherland
Location Cumming, Ga
Age 73
Joined 456 days ago
Hobbies Decorate Candles and Baskets, make Chip Boxes for my AA friends, Read, Crosswords
About Me I am a widowx2 and live with my dog pookie. Watch your show everyday unless I am at the Doctor. Am so lucky to have such wonderful friends, kin folks and neighbor. Been a AA member almost 15 years and AL A Non member 30years....did not drink until 97.....better friends have I as a result.
Shirley Sutherland
Luke Bryan, Hayden Panettiere
245 days ago

Everyday I laugh and cry,. laugh at your humor and cry at your generosity I have had now I have not, thus let me introduce you to he best neighbors. They are a Mexican family of 6 living In a two bedroom home. Arturo and Maria both work at Pinecrest Academy plus side jobs. The oldest child is employed a an ins, co and hope to become a nurse. The next ia a fulltime student at Georgia. the to youngest are in highschool. they all work and find time to give. My yard is mowed, raked, rash taken and I am not the only one. They would love TO BECOME CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES

Shirley Sutherland
Message from Ellen
317 days ago

Watch you daily but am so glad you are back. You are such a joy. You give me laughter and in turn will make me cry with your generosity. Keep up the good work.