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Shirley Nuguid
Name Shirley Nuguid
Location Burbank, CA
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Hobbies Watching tv (Ellen's show) and watching movies
About Me I am a Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant, mother of two daughters, just starting to live life to its fullest now that my girls are all grown ups. Please help me watch Ellen's show live, been wanting to get two tickets for me and my friend, Ilse--she's an avid fan too.
Shirley Nuguid
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553 days ago

Hello...I have been trying to get two tickets to be in the audience of Ellen's show, never been at the studio and my friend and I been checking at times to secure a seat but we do not have any luck. Please help us. We really like to experience to be at the audience for one of the shows. Thank you very much.

My name is Shirley Nuguid and my friend is Ilse Catindig