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Shirley Jenkins
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About Me Retired disable nurse. I worked as a nurse for 27yrs.
Shirley Jenkins
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279 days ago

I'm a retired nurse of 27yrs. Never saved any money raising 5 children. I had neck surgery in 2004. Replaced 3 disk with a metal plate. I worked as long as I could until 2011 and had to retire on disability. My house needs a roof. I can only have the areas that leak repaired. The leaks seem to be moving faster than I can afford to have fixed. The house was built in 1970. They did a very cheap job of it. It's cold in the winter with the single pane windows. My 1/12 yr old grandson and my son lives with me. Since times are so hard my children are unable to help me, they have families of their own to support. Never in a million yrs did I see myself in this position. I have limited use of my right hand and it is swollen and has contracted. I thought I would work as a nurse forever. Need help please!